Make your notes work for you.

Is kindling your fire all your paper notes are good for?

If you answered yes then you need Notelligent to help you make your notes work for you.

With our proprietary note-taking intelligence you will be able:

Put your notes in to context.

Create quizzes and flash cards to help you prepare for exams.

Search, cross-reference and tag notes for follow-up later.

Notelligent isn't just an app, it's a utility knife.

It will look up definitions, direct you to more detailed content and let you know when you are taking duplicate notes. Let it guide your way.

Share your notes with classmates via email, export or social media.

Optimized to work across all of your devices.

Your notes will move with you wherever you go and you'll use the same great interface on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Beta 1 will be released shortly

If you would like to be part of Notelligent's success, let us know.